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My Disciple Maker Story

My Disciple Maker Story
By Melissa Schuerer

Before I Knew Christ

Let me set the stage with a white, middle-class, agricultural environment where everyone I knew celebrated the Christian holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add a healthy education in American Christian culture of the 20th Century and you have a real life Norman Rockwell existence.

I grew up in a Christian culture, but not a Christian home. My parents never attended church, but they took me and my siblings to Sunday school until we were in junior high.

My third grade public school teacher taught the entire class to memorize and recite The Lord’s Prayer before we went to lunch. I knew the Christmas story of Christ’s birth, the Easter story of His resurrection, Adam and Eve, and Jonah and the whale. This was the extent of my Christian education as a child and young adult.

My growing up was lived mostly in the 1960s where the hippy movement was toppling the Christian culture in America with a message of free love. It was basically a do-as-you-please counter culture that was frightening to me as a young adolescent due to the strict rules of conduct I had been raised under, but a little intriguing as well. It was during these years that I made a choice to not give any mind to Jesus or God. However, I secretly admired my peers who were raised in church by church-going families – they were much more settled than I. Continue Reading