My Disciple Maker Story

My Disciple Maker Story
By Melissa Schuerer

Before I Knew Christ

Let me set the stage with a white, middle-class, agricultural environment where everyone I knew celebrated the Christian holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add a healthy education in American Christian culture of the 20th Century and you have a real life Norman Rockwell existence.

I grew up in a Christian culture, but not a Christian home. My parents never attended church, but they took me and my siblings to Sunday school until we were in junior high.

My third grade public school teacher taught the entire class to memorize and recite The Lord’s Prayer before we went to lunch. I knew the Christmas story of Christ’s birth, the Easter story of His resurrection, Adam and Eve, and Jonah and the whale. This was the extent of my Christian education as a child and young adult.

My growing up was lived mostly in the 1960s where the hippy movement was toppling the Christian culture in America with a message of free love. It was basically a do-as-you-please counter culture that was frightening to me as a young adolescent due to the strict rules of conduct I had been raised under, but a little intriguing as well. It was during these years that I made a choice to not give any mind to Jesus or God. However, I secretly admired my peers who were raised in church by church-going families – they were much more settled than I. Continue Reading

Go With What You Know

Since this is my first blog post on this new blog, let me begin by saying I am not a licensed disciple maker. There is no such license to be obtained.

Disciple making is an assignment.

Disciple Makers has been created as a resource for disciple makers or those who want to know what a disciple maker is, does, and how they accomplish the assignment given to all Christians.

I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration to become a disciple maker who influences others for eternity.

Let’s begin by answering some basic questions.

What is a disciple?

A disciple is a learner. The Greek word for disciple is mathetes; to learn, to understand. A learner, pupil. A disciple is an adherent who accepts the instruction given to him and makes it his rule of conduct.1

A disciple never stops learning because the Holy Spirit never stops teaching. A disciple can read a familiar passage or verse in their bible for the one hundredth time and glean something they never understood before.Go Make Disciples

A disciple yearns to follow closely, learn incessantly, and joyfully distribute what they are learning.

What is a disciple maker?

A disciple maker is a disciple who distributes what they know and are learning. If you are still learning, then you have all manner of thirst quenching merchandise (knowledge and wisdom) to share with someone else. In all instances, a disciple maker is a disciple who learns along with others in a disciplined progression on the road to godliness.

I was discipled in the early 1980s by a woman who is one month older than I. I wasn’t a believer when we began the process of discipleship training so she had her work cut out for her because I was a very tough nut to crack. This woman was my first introduction to discipleship training and disciple makers. Her role as a disciple maker included evangelism which is not at all uncommon.

I became a believer within months of entering into discipleship training and the Lord opened my heart, soul and mind to become His child and a consuming learner – a disciple. It wasn’t just head knowledge; it was heart knowledge that was being imparted through that courageous disciple maker.

The story of my journey to salvation and discipleship training is available on another post that you can read here.

A question the Body of Christ has been trying to answer for some time now is,

“Why are so few Christians making disciples?” Continue Reading